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Lost Dog Hamm Finds His Way Home After a 450-Mile Adventure Thanks to Good Samaritans [Video]



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  • Jasmine Noffsinger and her sister found a malnourished dog, named Hamm, during a coffee run in Pensacola, Florida. After taking him to the vet and discovering a microchip, they learned that Hamm’s home was over 450 miles away in Dade City. Hamm had been missing since February 2021.
  • Contacting the microchip company led them to Hamm’s owner, Patricia DeWit, who was moved to tears upon hearing that her long-lost pet was safe. Noffsinger and DeWit arranged a halfway meet in Tallahassee, where Hamm immediately recognized his family and hopped into their car.
  • The story serves as a reminder about the importance of microchipping pets and keeping their registration information up to date. Noffsinger encourages anyone who finds a lost pet to be patient, as the information might not be readily available, and to “go the extra mile and do what’s right.”

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What started as a routine coffee run for Jasmine Noffsinger and her sister turned into an emotional journey of love and reunion that would touch hearts across Florida. It all began when they spotted a malnourished dog wandering along the road.

“He was extremely skinny. I could see all of his ribs and all of his spine,” Noffsinger shared with The Dodo.

Instead of simply driving on, the compassionate sisters pulled over and called the friendly pup over. As if he knew they meant no harm, the dog, wagging his whole body, darted towards them. It was love at first sight.

After offering the hungry dog a safe spot in their car, their first step was a visit to the vet, hoping to find a microchip. The vet found one, but couldn’t pull up the information.

Fortunately, the microchip company had the necessary details. The dog’s name was Hamm, and he hailed from Dade City, Florida – over 450 miles from Pensacola, where Noffsinger lives.

On hearing the news, Patricia DeWit, Hamm’s owner, burst into tears. Hamm had been missing since February 2021, and despite extensive searches, the DeWits had found no trace of him. Their home borders 100 acres of land, complicating the search efforts.


The two parties agreed to meet halfway in Tallahassee.

“When [the DeWits] pulled up, Hamm ran straight to them and hopped in their car,” Noffsinger recounted, a heartwarming end to the dog’s long adventure.

Ever since Hamm’s reunion with his family, Noffsinger has been receiving daily updates. Hamm is back to his old self, acting as if he never left home. This remarkable story serves as a strong reminder for pet owners.

“Get your pets microchipped and make sure that they’re registered and up to date,” Noffsinger advises.

Her story also holds a lesson for those who come across lost pets.

“Just because the information doesn’t come up right away doesn’t mean there isn’t any,” Noffsinger pointed out.


“Go the extra mile and do what’s right.”

Indeed, it was Noffsinger’s extra effort that reunited Hamm with his family after his 450-mile journey, highlighting the power of compassion and action in creating happy endings.