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Lost surfboard finds its way 400 miles back to owner



  • Lee Brogan lost his surfboard while surfing in Runswick Bay in Scarborough, England.
  • A month later, Stephanie Riise and Jake Anderson spotted the board while hiking on Shetland Islands, 400 miles away.
  • The kind couple posted on Facebook their discovery, and soon enough, they were able to contact Lee, and the board was returned to him.

A surfer who lost his surfboard in huge waves off the Yorkshire coast in England was blown away when it was found by Good Samaritans, some 400 miles away.

After a month of it being lost, Lee Brogan was almost on the verge of giving up on finding his most cherished surfboard. But with an unexpected twist of fate, it was returned to him, safe and sound.

It was when Stephanie Riise and Jake Anderson were hiking on the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland when a nine-foot surfboard caught their attention and they got really curious about it.

Photo Credit: SWNS

They knew it was washed off miles away, but were completely amazed that it remained intact.

“Our interest was piqued at that point and we were just wondering where it had come from, how far it had travelled, who lost it, what story was behind it,” said Stephanie.

With the power of social media, the couple were positive they will be able to find the owner, or a lead at least. Stephanie posted on Facebook through the Shetland Seashore Discoveries page, and the word just quickly spread through shares and private messages.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Just a day after it was posted, the couple were able to get hold of Lee. They learned that the board was lost when big waves hit Runswick Bay in Scarborough, England.

The couple, albeit surprised, were just as excited of having the board reunited with its rightful owner. According to them, they weren’t really expecting that they will find the owner.

Photo Credit: SWNS

After confirming that Lee was indeed the owner through a series of photos and stories provided to the couple, they finally returned the board.

Since the couple were unable to drive to Lee’s home to deliver the board, they instead had a friend do it for them, and just left a note on the board that says, “Found washed up on a Peerie beach in Skeld, Shetland on 28.12.2020.” They both signed it with their names, “Jake Anderson and SRüse.”

Photo Credit: SWNS

Not only did Lee have his board back, but he was able to gain new friends who are sentimental and kind enough to know when something means special to someone – just like the surfboard was to Lee.

Source: Good News Network