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Magical Moment: Kid’s Letter Received A Perfect Company Response



Quick Smiles:

  • Young Clark Neily, aardvark enthusiast, writes a letter to Possum Trot asking for an aardvark toy.
  • Possum Trot takes his request seriously and creates an aardvark toy named “Clark.”
  • Clark cherishes his aardvark toy and the story becomes one of his favorite childhood memories.

As a second grader, Clark Neily was fascinated with aardvarks. He even wrote a report about them for school, which further fueled his interest. One day, he visited a store that sold stuffed animals made by a company called Possum Trot. However, he was disappointed to find that there were no aardvark toys available.

Determined to make a change, Clark decided to write a letter to Possum Trot, presenting a well-researched argument on why they should include an aardvark in their lineup. He wrote that he had been a “fan” of the company for some time and had recently “fell in love” with their stuffed beaver toy. But he wanted another toy to love, too.

In his letter, Clark explained the differences between aardvarks and anteaters, even drawing pictures to illustrate his point. He also reminded the company not to “get mixed up” if they decided to manufacture the toy and requested that they write back with their decision.

Possum Trot took Clark’s letter seriously and responded that summer, apologizing for the delay. To his delight, they introduced their new aardvark toy, which they named “Clark” in his honor. The company expressed their gratitude for his input and encouraged him to continue sharing his thoughts on their toys.

Clark still has his namesake aardvark toy to this day, and the story remains one of his most cherished childhood memories. Share this uplifting tale to remind others of the simple joys of being a kid and the power of determination!