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Man Created A Bike So He Could Go On Adventure Again After Being Paralyzed



  • Christian endured a spinal injury and had been unable to do his beloved adventures.
  • That’s why he decided to make designs for a bike that would allow him to go outside and keep up with his friends.
  • His creation became a hit and soon enough, his Bowhead has been impacting positively the lives of people with disabilities like him.

Christian Bagg used to be extra adventurous before he got into an accident in snowboarding that injured his spine. He had to stay at home and recover but he has always been missing the outdoors!

“I just wanted to go outside with my friends and not have them worry or wait for me,” he says. “I just wanted to have fun with them, I just wanted to blend [in].”

So he conceptualized various wheelchair designs to serve great versatile purposes that the regular ones. That’s when he started his line of bikes built into its intended purpose for people with disabilities like him.

Eventually, his modification and further innovation gave birth to what is now called the Bowhead Reach — a bike with its main wheel on the back, two heavy duty tires on the front, and an electric motor powerful enough to make it go anywhere, even to an extreme level!

This reverse tricycle has two models: a recreational model suitable for everyday adventures; a performance model for those adrenaline junkies; and the explorer model which allows partnered assistance.

But, the company has also developed an amazing model that quadriplegics can use!

 J.P. Middleton, Christian’s first customer, was a primary care paramedic and a volunteer firefighter who also had a spinal injury like him. He discovered the Bowhead one day when he was outside the hospital with his dad.

“It was this Mad Max looking vehicle,” he told Global News. “When I saw this bike, I was like, ‘I gotta get myself one of these things…’ It was a ray of hope for me.”

Since getting one, JP was grateful to have taken his life back. Plus, its crazy design is such a headturner!


Janne Kouri, who was paralyzed in 2019, took his bowhead to a 2,900-mile cross-country adventure from Los Angeles to Washington D.C., raising funds and awareness at the same time.

Soon enough, the Bowhead has become a hit, that from the basement where he and his team first started, they now have a location near Canada Olympic Park!

But more than money, he is happy to have made a real difference for people like him. “That’s what’s fun to watch the work you do impact people’s lives.”

Source: Good News Network