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Man Sends Flowers Every Day To Wife Fighting COVID-19



  • Kay admitted it’s hard for him not to be beside his wife while she struggles for her life against COVID-19
  • So to show his love and support, he sends her bouquets of different colored roses everyday.
  • This sweet gesture does not only make his wife’s day also all of the staffers in the hospital because the apparent love of the man to his wife is healing their weary souls.

A man from Louisiana has been sending bouquets of flowers every day to show his love and support to his wife who is battling with COVID-19. 

Kay Pelican confessed to People it was “rough” being unable to be beside his wife Chenella as she struggles against coronavirus in Lafayette General Medical Center since she was admitted in early August.

That’s why the 43-year-old man decided to send flowers to his 44-year-old wife. He started with a bouquet of roses on Aug. 5, and has since been doing this lovely gesture every single day. 

Photo Credit: Lafayette General Health

So far, he has sent more than 12 bouquets of different colored roses which have extravagantly decorated his wife’s hospital room.

“I can’t be by her bedside but I gotta let her know in some kind of way that I’m there,” Kay said. “Usually when one of us is in the hospital, we sit with each other, so this was the only way I could be there.”

While his wife has been fighting the virus, the nurses at Lafayette’s facilitated video calls so he can still see his wife. Although she is still unable to talk, she seems to be aware of his sweet gestures. 

“It’s the nurses that do most of it. They let her know that I’ve sent flowers,” he said. “She nods her head when they tell her.”

Photo Credit: Kay Pelican

In a post by Lafayette General Health’s Facebook account, they said in the caption: “Romance can get a little complicated when a spouse is hospitalized for #COVID19. But that hasn’t stopped one man who’s been sending flowers daily since his wife has been in our facility —  12 days and counting!cHis positive perspective makes our nurses’ day as much as his wife’s. Here’s to love in the time of COVID. #imnotcryingyourecrying #cryinginamaskismultitasking”

Although Kay never intended to be recognized for his actions, still the post has gained hundreds of reactions and comments. 

“I’m not doing it daily for show,” he said. “That’s the woman that I’ve been with for 20 years and been married to for 19. I do things like that because we’ve been together so long and it means so much to her and means so much to me.”

According to the hospital’s ICU manager, Michelle Broussard, Kay’s sweet act also means a lot to them because it made not only his wife’s day but all of the staffers. Amidst overwhelming negativity and stress brought about by the pandemic, walking into his wife’s room filled with so much love can boost someone’s morale.

“This man’s love for his wife has been so healing to our weary nurses,” she said.

As for Chenella, she’s doing really good and is recovering fast. 


Also, Michelle has a message for other couples out there:

“Step it up with your spouse! I mean, what’s your excuse now?”

Source: PEOPLE