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Man Shaves Girlfriend’s Head, Then His Own, In A Video That Will Bring You To Tears



  • Eva Barilaro has alopecia, a condition that causes spot baldness.
  • She requested her partner to shave her head and choked up after an unexpected, loving gesture.
  • Her partner turned the hair trimmer on himself and shaved his head, in support of his girlfriend.

Eva Barilaro is diagnosed with alopecia. This causes spot baldness from severe hair loss. Her coping mechanisms include haircuts, which sometimes mean shaving her head.


After months growing my ##hair for the first time in 10 years I had to ask my ##boyfriend to ##shave my ##head again… first time was my granddad. ♬ Just the Way You Are – Boyce Avenue

She missed a couple of haircuts for the last few months. This time, she decided on a buzzed haircut and requested her significant other to help her out, and filmed the moment for social media. In the video, she is seen seated facing the camera as her partner performed the deed. Eva appeared upset about what she needed to do but resigned to her condition at the same time.

What happened afterward surprised her. Her partner turned the hair trimmer on himself. The touching gesture moved her to tears, choked up in surprise after her partner shaved his own head. The video ended with him kissing her face as she cried in her hands.

The heartwarming video was posted on Tiktok in May. The intimate moment recorded on video attracted attention, especially after people on the internet reposted said video on different social media platforms. Today, their moment recorded 11.5 million views, with 1.1 million from TikTok. 

 “My boyfriend surprised me by shaving his head just after shaving mine. I will be forever grateful for being so well surrounded. I wish everyone could be supported as well as I am daily. This video is to remember everyone that love is above all and that all one’s need is love. Thank you, Damien, I love you too.” 

The gesture inspired other people to share their personal stories and messages of support. This reminds us of how important it is to express our feelings and care for the people we love, especially at times we are most needed.

Source: Tank’s News