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Meal delivery driver saves man from burning home



  • A meal delivery driver is hailed a hero for saving a man from a burning house.
  • He barged into the house after overhearing that a man was still inside the property.
  • He carried the man on his shoulders and brought him out to safety.

Ken Andreen is insistent that he isn’t a hero. He claims he was just in the right place at the right time. Residents in Penn Hills in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the other hand, have a different opinion.

Those neighbors saw Ken’s random act of bravery recently and believe that he isn’t simply a Good Samaritan; he is a genuine angel in disguise!

Ken was working as a delivery driver for Mom’s Meals that morning. It was around 8:30 a.m. when he and some neighbors observed black smoke billowing from a nearby house’s upstairs window. When neighbor Angela Spynda called the fire brigade for assistance, the flames had already destroyed much of the top of the house.

As people gathered near Ken’s car on the sidewalk, he overheard someone mention that there was still someone inside the home. He hopped out of his pickup and ran straight to the house.

“He just barged in there,” said Angela. “He was in there probably a good three minutes and then he threw him over the shoulder. He carried him out. He was like an angel.”

Ken insists, “I’m not a hero, it’s just something that I had to do.”

Ken forced the door open, knowing he was about to enter a life-or-death situation, and made his way through the smoke-filled living room. Carsten Molt was sleeping soundly on the sofa when he entered the house. Ken put him up over his shoulders and went out of the house. 


Carsten was carried inside a neighbor’s home where he was given oxygen. He’s expected to recover completely owing to the bravery and courage of one nice stranger. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Ken returned to work immediately once the excitement subsided!

“I wasn’t thinking about myself at all,” Ken said. “I was thinking about saving the person that was in there.”

In our opinion, his selflessness is what makes him a hero.

Source: Inspire More