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Michigan Man Fills Up Gas Tanks For Nurses Going to Detroit Hospital Using His Savings



  • It’s truly uplifting and inspirational to hear about feel-good stories during these uncertain times, just like what a Good Samaritan in Michigan has been doing for a few days.
  • Allen Marshall used all his $900 savings to show his appreciation for nurses at the Detroit Medical Center Hospital.
  • What he did was stood outside a gas station near the hospital and held a sign that said “free gas for nurses.”

A compassionate Michigan man had saved up $900 to buy something nice for himself. But instead of doing so, he decided last week to use it to buy gas for nurses on the frontline of fighting the novel coronavirus outbreaks.

What Allen Marshall did was to stand on the corner of the Exxon gas station near the Detroit Medical Center and hold up a sign that read: “Free Gas for Nurses”.

Allen ended up spending all his savings to fill the tanks of between 50 to 80 cars belonging to medical workers on the hospital’s front lines.

Originally, he has been saving the money to buy himself a knife-sharpening tool. But after dropping his wife —who is an essential worker—off at her shift with Blue Cross Blue Shield, he was inspired the to do something nice for the local hospital staffers.

“I just love them and I want them to know that,” Allen told WDIV in an interview.

When his $900 were all spent, Allen did not leave his post and continued to stand at the intersection holding a new sign that read: “Thank You for All You Do!”

When Allen’s good deed reached a lady who was identified only as Alana, she was also inspired and contributed another $200 of her own money to his cause so he can continue filling up tanks.

Source: Good News Network