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Mischievous Cat Pushes Herself Inside A Hole She Made On The Couch, Asks for Owner’s Help When She Got Stuck



  • Danni McLain was cleaning her couch when she noticed a small hole on one of the cushions.
  • She later found out that her cat, Ginger Bread, was inside the couch, peeking out through the hole she made.
  • Danni realized Ginger Bread got stuck inside the couch and needs her help to get out.

Danni McLain took Garlic Bread into her home after the cat wound up outside her apartment door. The cat meowed non-stop until she took her in. From that point on, she decided to raise the cat.

Garlic Bread carries with her a little bit of mischief.

“She is such a brat and will do things to spite you but then with the same breath she will climb into your lap and purr with her ferocious purr,” Danni said. “You can’t even be mad at her.” 

Danni was set out to do chores one day but when she removed the cushion covers from her couch to clean them out, she discovered a small hole on one of the cushions.

She started to look for Ginger Bread, knowing that the cat made this hole, but she could not find her anywhere.

Danni just shook her head and continued with the chores she started. The search for the cat can wait.

Moments later, she heard meowing.

“I just thought she was at the door hunting flies so I kept doing laundry,” Danni said. “It wasn’t until I went to dress the cushions again that I noticed her.” 

The cat was inside the couch, peeking out through the hole she made. Garlic Bread made her way into the couch, squeezing her way through the hole.


“I didn’t think it was big enough for her to get in, but she never ceases to amaze me,” Danni said. 

The Dodo | Danni McLain

Moments later, she tried coaxing the cat to come out of the hole, but discovered that all the meowing before was to call her attention. Apparently, Ginger Bread was stuck. She needed Danni’s help to get out of the couch.

“I actually had to use kitchen scissors to cut her out,” Danni said. “You know, for proper couch birthing.” 

Garlic Bread understood that she was stuck inside the couch, but at the same time, the cat was reluctant to leave her new hiding place. From the looks of it, the cat is proud of herself for figuring out how to get in there in the first place. 

The Dodo | Danni McLain

“She has this special chirp that she makes when talking to you so she was definitely pleased with herself and was going to fight me on getting out,” Danni said. 

Danni got the cat out of the couch soon enough. She needed to come up with something that would keep her cat from going inside the furniture for the second time.

Danni is sure that this is not the end of it though. Garlic Bread would look for another place to hide again.

Source: The Dodo