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Moet, the blind Persian cat, has a ‘Cinderella’ story



  • Moet was neglected at a pet store and had to have her eyes removed.
  • She was brought to a shelter in Oman after her operation where her fur mom found her.
  • Moet is now a YouTube and TikTok star, an ambassadress for Omani Paws, and has her own book, “Moet’s Rules For Cat Owners”

Moet, the Persian cat may have had a rough start in life when her breeder put her up for sale at a pet store that did not take care of her.  Animal rescuers had to have her eyes removed because it was heavily damaged from bad quality food and water.

Good thing that Emily Shotter fell in love with her when she met Moet who she named after the champagne because of her buff-colored coat. From there, she is now living the good life, loved and cherished by Emily.

Moet loves spending time in an enclosed garden, getting treats, loves playing with her cat sister Luna, and being kept mentally stimulated by her mom, Emily, to keep her from getting bored.

The beautiful cat now has a huge following online on YouTube and Tiktok. She is the ambassadress for Omani Paws, a charitable organization that gives medical help to stray cats and dogs before placing them in their furrever homes. She even stars in a book entitled “Moet’s Rules For Cat Owners” with proceeds of the book and online sales going to the Omani Paws.   

With her popularity, Emily says Moet is just like any other cat who has grown so attached to her that when there’s a call on the phone, it becomes a nightmare.

“She doesn’t like me speaking to others, so the squeak-meow gets voiced loudly and without a break. And in fact, when I’m on work video calls or in virtual meetings, she can typically be heard in the background. I never know whether to laugh or apologize!” said Emily.

Moet just proves that a rough start does not mean a lifetime of hardships.

Source: Inspire More