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Breast Cancer Survivor Gives Patients and Families Free Vacations to Create “Priceless Memories” [Video]



  • Jeanine Patten-Cole was diagnosed with cancer and she needed to take a run on a beach while on vacation to come to terms with the diagnosis.
  • The sight of empty beachfront properties gave her an idea to provide for all-expenses-paid vacations for families dealing with cancer.
  • From her idea, Little Pink Houses of Hope has been giving families dealing with cancer with these vacations.

Cancer takes a heavy financial and emotional toll on a family.  Getting away from all the treatments, hospital visits and the overall stress and anxiety is something that a family would need.  Even for just a moment.  Sometimes, it may be the last time that all members can be together as one family.

When Jeanine Patten-Coble was diagnosed with an aggressive and malignant tumor in her right breast, she just needed to take a run on a beach.  Her family was on vacation at that time in North Carolina. While stopping to think of how to tell her 11-year-old son, Jake, and coming to terms with what she was going to deal with, her gaze landed on quaint and empty beachfront properties.

Photo Credit: Little Pink Houses of Hope

Patten-Coble recalled, “As I was turning to run back to where we were staying. I realized, ‘You’ve got to create a place like this where cancer patients can relax.’ “

She worked on her idea while undergoing a year of chemo and radiation therapies. After her rounds of therapies, her idea came into fruition — vacation breaks were now available for families dealing with cancer.

Companies and private individuals across the states donated their condos, townhouses and homes for weeklong retreats for the families. Even for just a week, they can be “free” from worrying over the bills, appointments and the hospital environment.

Photo Credit: Little Pink Houses of Hope

Patten-Coble said, “For many of our families, this could possibly be their last vacation.”

The idea that came from grappling with a cancer diagnosis is now called Little Pink Houses of Hope — a non-profit made up of volunteers that has provided for almost 2,000 families that have had vacations, food and fun activities.

For Patten-Coble, the Little Pink Houses of Hope provides an environment for the families to make them feel that they are not battling cancer alone. She said, “Walking alongside them as they create priceless memories is such a privilege.”


Great job, Jeanine Patten-Coble and Little Pink Houses of Hope!  

Source: People