Nanny Dog Checks On His Baby Brother Every Night [Video]

  • Two-year-old boy Jaxon and his best friend Ludo the dog bonded the moment they met.
  • Jaxon and Ludo are playmates by day and sleep mates by night when Ludo checks in on Jaxon and curls up near the bed.
  • Ludo was not trained to be a nanny but he does a very good job at it.

Jaxon the 2-year-old boy and Ludo the dog are inseparable.  One is never without the other.  You only have to look for one and you will see the other.  Two peas in a pod.

What can you expect when they were joined at the hip from the moment Jaxon was born and they have never been apart since. 

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They play and go on adventures during the day and when night comes, Ludo has been discovered to turn from a playmate into a nanny.

Jaxon and Ludo’s mom, Tia Laycock, set up a nanny cam in Jaxon’s bedroom to keep an eye on him.  What she was happy to learn was that aside from her, Ludo was also keeping tabs on his best friend.

Photo Credit: Tia Laycock

Through the night, Ludo would stroll over to Jaxon’s room, check on the boy if he is safe and doing okay, then he’d go out.  Or he would curl up near the bed and keep watch.  This happens every night without fail.

Laycock said, “It really is lovely to see him do, especially as it’s not something that he’s been trained to do. He does it on his own.”

Photo Credit: Tia Laycock

This makes it even more meaningful for it is love that drives Ludo— a devotion to his favorite little boy in the whole wide world.

Jaxon and Ludo— bonded for life!

Source: The Dodo

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that is very much like a blind person and his or her guide dog. A lasting bonding close relationship. They depend on us and we depend on them.

That is pure love………..