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Neighborhood Springs Into Action to Save 60+ Dogs From Burning Building [Video]



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  • Employees from PSR Mechanical, an HVAC company in Seattle, sprang into action to save about 60 dogs from a doggy daycare that was on fire in their neighborhood.
  • PSR employees joined forces with other members of the community, including employees from a nearby Mexican restaurant, to help corral the dogs into their yard and keep them safe while firefighters battled the flames.
  • The PSR employees not only calmed the scared dogs but also reassured anxious pet owners who came to pick them up, and their heroic actions were recognized and praised by the Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell.

Hello there, lovely readers! It’s Joy Love here, your source for heartwarming stories that will brighten your day. Today, I want to share with you a tale of heroism and compassion that will warm your heart and put a smile on your face.

Imagine this: a business goes up in flames, and amidst the chaos and smoke, a group of coworkers spring into action to save their neighbors. But these neighbors aren’t just anyone, they happen to be adorable furry friends! That’s right, at The Dog Resort, a doggy daycare in Seattle, employees from PSR Mechanical, an HVAC company, rushed to the rescue when they saw the smoke rising from the building. Talk about being everyday heroes!

Greg Hagen, one of the employees from PSR Mechanical, recounted the heart-pounding moment when he and his coworkers raced across the road to help. “You could see the smoke pouring out of the building and the noise from the dogs, from the emergency responders, the firefighters, police, everybody that was responding,” Hagen told CBS News. “So, it was a lot of noise, it was chaos. And it was one of those situations where we didn’t know exactly what to do, but we knew we had to help.” Isn’t that incredible? Despite the uncertainty, they didn’t hesitate to lend a hand.

The PSR employees joined forces with other members of the community, including employees from a nearby Mexican restaurant, and together, they sprang into action to save about 60 dogs. They took on different roles, racing to grab dogs, securing the yard, and taking care of the pups. Can you imagine the scene? It must have been a heartwarming sight to see these kind souls coming together to ensure the safety and well-being of these furry companions.

But their kindness didn’t stop there. Not only did they calm the scared pups, but they also reassured the anxious parents who came to pick them up. Hagen shared that some pet owners had seen the news and were frantic, but his team helped reunite them with their beloved dogs. “To see their faces once they saw their dogs, it was very emotional,” Hagen said. “There were a couple of us that were pretty close to breaking down in tears as well. When you see people show up and see their dog playing in the yard and it’s safe.” It’s moments like these that truly restore our faith in humanity, don’t you think?

Thankfully, all the dogs were unharmed in the fire, and the employees from PSR Mechanical have been hailed as heroes. Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell even visited both PSR and Aceitunos Mexican Foods to personally thank these amazing individuals and present them with a letter of recognition. It’s heartwarming to see their selflessness and bravery being acknowledged and appreciated.

In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, these everyday heroes showed kindness, compassion, and a true sense of community. Their actions exemplify the spirit of humanity at its best, and they are a shining example of the goodness that exists in our world. It’s stories like these that remind us of the power of kindness, and how a small act of compassion can make a big difference in the lives of others.


As I wrap up this blog post, I hope this heartwarming story brought a smile to your face and brightened your day, just like it did for me. Let’s continue to spread kindness, love, and positivity in our communities and make the world a better place. Until next time, stay joyful and keep spreading the good vibes!

With love and happiness,
Joy Love

Watch the inspiring heroism of PSR Mechanical employees as they rescue dogs from a burning doggy daycare in Seattle in the video below:

Source: CBS News