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‘Nurse’ Cat Loves Petting Everyone at the Vet [Video]



  • Bea is one of six rescue cats that have been taken in by the Look Ahead Vet in California.
  • The little tabby is now spending her days making her rounds around the animal hospital as the resident “nurse.”
  • She loves making herself known to her fellow animals and checking up on them by petting them.

Bea, a curious little tabby, has become one of the essential workers at Look Ahead Vet in Oroville, California. As one of the hospital’s six rescue cats, Bea has taken it upon herself to be the resident “nurse” by making her rounds and watching over all the animals in their care.

Veterinary nurse Crystal Bessmer shared a compilation video showing Bea on the job:

The text overlay says, “Try not touch everything.” But Bea just can’t seem to keep her paws to herself!

Whenever she makes her rounds, she ends up petting every single animal, whether it be a fellow cat, a goat, a chicken, or a squirrel. No matter the species, Bea is there to lend them a paw.

Even sandwiches cannot escape Bea’s paws.

Viewers can’t get enough of the pawsy cat! “I want her to pet me,” one viewer commented.

Photo Credit: Crystal Bessmer

Bea reminds us of Ruby, the German shorthaired pointer who loves petting her fellow dogs at the doggy daycare.

While some of the animals don’t welcome Bea’s petting ways, many believe that Bea simply wants to show that she cares.

Photo Credit: Crystal Bessmer

Perhaps Bea is just curious, after all. Whatever the reason, Bea has become one of the most beloved cats by the online community.

Seeing her pet another cat, stroke a squirrel’s tail, or boop the snout of a pig somehow makes us feel that we’re petting them, too — or getting a loving pat ourselves.


Source: Daily Paws