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Nurse Designs PPE For Colleagues To Make Them Look Like Power Rangers



  • A Filipino nurse from Iloilo, Philippines named Adrian Pe decided to help ease the shortage of PPEs in his hospital by designing his own suits using fun colors.
  • His Teletubbies and Power Rangers-inspired PPEs have become famous in inspiring others to make their own and be more creative.
  • Now, these true heroes look like superheroes straight from the movies!

Personal protective equipment (PPE) are very important for health workers so they can be protected while battling the coronavirus.

But who said it can’t be fun?

A Filipino nurse from Iloilo, Philippines named Adrian Pe, decided to be creative and designed colorful PPE’s giving out Teletubbies and Power Rangers vibe. This he hopes would lift his co-health workers’ spirits up and “live out their childhood.”

Photo Credit: Adrian Pe

Since there has been a shortage of PPE all over the world, Adrian came up with this idea with the rest of home sewers who showed support to health workers by making masks, and other protective gear including PPEs. Adrian’s colorful idea certainly made a lot of people happy, not just the frontliners.

“I chose the Teletubbies because it gives frontliners not only the protection but the positive vibe, and Power Rangers to inspire workers to live out their childhood superheroes,” Adrian said.

Photo Credit: Adrian Pe

“In general, all front liners and nurses, they are risking their lives and also their families’ lives as well. I correlate it with our modern day heroes, our front liners.”

The brightly-colored suits made a wave of instant popularity worldwide. It inspired even more volunteers to contribute. Many seamstresses and tailors then started becoming more creative with their works. Even hospital staff started making their own garments. 

Photo Credit: Adrian Pe

In three weeks, with the help of other volunteers, Adrian had distributed more than 600 PPEs to area hospitals! He personally creates 6 to 8 suits everyday with customized colors as per request.

“Some say they want to wear [certain colors]. It makes me happy to see them wearing these,” he said.

Photo Credit: Adrian Pe

Now that’s the way you do it! Thank you Adrian for your service bringing not only safety to this world but a lot of joy as well! You and the other frontliners are true heroes! Way to go!

Source: Inspire More