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Nurses Who Fell In Love During Pandemic Get Engaged on Hospital’s Rooftop



  • Two nurses who fell in love in the midst of the pandemic are now engaged.
  • Jacob Young and Kelsey Dunlap met at a hospital where they work as ER nurses.
  • Kelsey thought she was picking a patient from the hospital’s rooftop helipad when Jacob got down on his knees and proposed to her.

Nurses Kelsey Dunlap and Jacob Young, who met last year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, are now engaged. The proposal took place at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital where they fell in love.

On Kelsey’s Facebook post, she wrote that she thought Oct. 15 would be “just another day at work, picking up another patient off the helipad.”

But Jacob Young had other ideas.

“INSTEAD…. The love of my life flew in on a helicopter, dropped to a knee, and made me the luckiest girl on the planet,” Kelsey shared.

The video shows Kelsey going to the rooftop of the hospital wheeling a stretcher to the AirLife helicopter preparing to pick up a patient.

But when the helicopter’s door opened, Jacob came around the corner and approached her with a ring box in hand.

“It didn’t register what was going on until he dropped to a knee and then it clicked,” Kelsey told WGCL. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, he’s asking me to marry him.’ “

She said “YES”, of course.

Photo Credit: Chad Corliss Photography

“I’m still in awe,” Kelsey wrote in her Facebook post. “I can’t wait to become Mrs. Young and spend forever with my best friend.

Jacob said it wasn’t the easiest thing to plan. He asked the help of some nurses and people from the management team to pull up the scheme.

“It was by far the most stressful day of my life but it was worth it,” Jacob told WGCL.

Jacob also had to figure out how to get a photographer on the helipad.

“I knew [the photographer] was there because he told me he was taking pictures for ER Nurses Week,” Jacob told CNN. “I honestly didn’t think twice about it and [he] had me totally fooled all morning, taking pictures of us doing random nursing tasks.”

Photo Credit: Chad Corliss Photography

Reflecting on their sweet love story, Kelsey said she couldn’t feel luckier.

“I shadowed him one night and then fell in love with Kennestone and everyone who was there,” she recalled to WGCL. “When you know, you know.”

“This has been a very rough last two years for everyone in healthcare but we are just so blessed to get to have my best friend and my biggest rock at work with me every day,” she added to CNN. “We get to go home together, it’s just really incredible that we got to meet and grow our relationship.”

Source: PEOPLE