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Nursing Home Brings Fishing Adventure to Residents



  • A Kentucky nursing home brought the fishing experience to their residents — by bringing them a tank of catfish!
  • The residents had a lot of fun as they spent the day fishing.
  • Nursing home residents may be missing a lot of things, but their thoughtful caretakers definitely know how to bring the fun to them!

It can be a challenge to think up new activities for seniors in nursing homes — especially when the coronavirus crisis causes a lot of limitations.

Fortunately, the Creekwood Place Nursing and Rehabilitation in Russellville, Kentucky, always has fun things in store for its residents, thanks to activity director Tammy Tinsley.

For instance, the residents got to experience fishing earlier this month — without leaving the facility!

Photo Credit: Facebook

Thinking that many residents may miss going on fishing trips, Tammy thought of ways to bring the fishing experience to them.

She soon found out that obtaining a fish tank was fairly easy, thanks to Tractor Supply. The company loaned her a tank for a day!

The facility’s maintenance worker, Kevin Morrow, then picked up some catfish.

Photo Credit: Facebook

And on August 7, the residents happily started their fishing adventure!

You could see their obvious enjoyment as they took turns catching and releasing the catfish.


The whole experience brought happiness not just for the residents but also for the employees. For the seniors’ caretakers, simply witnessing their charges have fun was more than rewarding.

All in all, Tammy’s idea was a hit!

Photo Credit: Facebook

The nursing home shared on Facebook, “Our residents absolutely loved this and my heart was happy seeing those smiles! Thank you to all Creekwood staff for everything you do daily to enrich the lives of others.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

What a wonderful way to while away the hours during quarantine!

We’re all grateful for the thoughtfulness of the caretakers, who make sure their residents don’t get bored or lonely.

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