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Oprah Winfrey gives Disneyland trip to 5-year-old girl and her fairy friend



  • Kelly Kenney shared on Twitter the fairy garden she spotted, created by five-year-old Eliana to “spread some cheer” during the pandemic.
  • Joining the child in her magical idea, Kelly wrote her a letter, pretending to be a fairy.
  • Oprah Winfrey was amazed by Kelly who “showed [the girl] that magic still exists,” and gave them a free Disneyland trip!

A five-year-old girl created a tiny fairy garden and Oprah Winfrey is making her whim come true.

In December, Kelly Kenney, Los Angeles designer and photographer, chanced upon a mini fairy garden set up outside an apartment building.

Kelly later on learned that the enchanted garden was created by a five-year-old girl, Eliana Pauls, after feeling “lonely” because of quarantines. With the help of her mother Emily, the little girl put it up to “spread some cheer.”

Kelly shared about Eliana and her little magical garden on her Twitter page. She told followers that she pretended to be a fairy named Sapphire to join the girl’s flight of fancy. Kelly wrote a letter, promising Eliana that she would be rewarded with “magical, lucky” dice if she did three acts of kindness and said nice things to five people.

Emily, 32, helped her daughter write back to Kelly, and the two became pen pals for months, which helped both of them to “feel less lonely.”

“Doing this every night gave me purpose in a horribly painful and lonely time. I looked forward to my days again and I started ordering art supplies and little trinkets to leave her,” Kelly said. “We wrote back and forth throughout the last 9 months, helping each other feel less lonely.”

Throughout the course of the pandemic, fairy friend Sapphire had been a great emotional support for the child. Eventually, the two friends met in person, with Kelly dressing up like a real fairy. And that moment wasn’t an ordinary affair, but a special trip to Disneyland, courtesy of seasoned talk show host Oprah!

Photo Credit: Kelly Kenney/

The 67-year-old media mogul was astonished by Kelly’s sweet little gesture, showing Eliana that “magic still exists even in the hardest of times.”

Kelly wants to keep the magic going, and knows that she and Eliana will stay friends.

Photo Credit: Kelly Kenney/

“We plan to keep in touch/write letters to each other from time to time,” Kelly said. “She’s changed me forever and the things her mom has said about how her self-confidence, her kindness towards others and her creativity have skyrocketed since meeting me make me feel like I made an impact too.”

For sure, a happy ever after awaits fairy Sapphire and our little Eliana.