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Overweight Chihuahua Undergoes Total TransFURmation: Watch



Quick Smiles:

  • Sweet Tomato, an overweight Chihuahua, weighed 30 pounds when she should have weighed 10.
  • After a weight loss journey, she lost 14 pounds and regained her mobility.
  • Now named Sox, she’s living her best life with her forever mom, Amanda.

When Sweet Tomato arrived at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, she was a Chihuahua with a big problem.

Photo: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Weighing a staggering 30 pounds when she should have only weighed 10, her previous diet of mostly sausage and eggs had led to her shocking size.

Patty Stanton of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue told The Dodo, “She was the most obese dog we had ever seen.”

Sweet Tomato struggled to get up from a lying position and could only walk a few steps before collapsing. For longer distances, she needed a stroller. Her weight was affecting her overall health, and her rescuers knew she couldn’t be adopted until she got healthier. So, they set her up in a foster home to start her weight loss journey.

As Sweet Tomato began shedding the pounds, her mobility improved. She was finally able to run, and her joy was evident as she galloped through the grass.


Photo: ELIJAH WEISS/The Dodo

“After three months, she had lost 10 pounds — a third of her weight,” Stanton said. “Six weeks after that, she was down 14 pounds and couldn’t get over how fun it was to run!”

In just a few months, Sweet Tomato transformed into a completely different dog, ready for adoption. It didn’t take long for her forever mom, Amanda, to find her.


Now, the little Chihuahua, renamed Sox, is living her best life.

Amanda told Muttville, “Every day when she goes outside, she barks, ‘Hey, world, here I am!’ I believe she has some kangaroo in her. She jumps on the bed, the couch, the chairs and (when I am gone) the KITCHEN TABLE!”

Sox’s incredible journey from struggling to walk to living her dream life has her rescuers overjoyed for her.