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Owner Can’t Believe It When She Discovers Cat’s Hiding Place



  • Peppy used to be Shelley Keane’s next-door neighbors’ cat.
  • When she inherited Peppy, she learned how the cat loves outdoors and find sneaky hiding spots.
  • One day, Shelley couldn’t find Peppy despite looking everywhere. It turns out, the sneaky cat hid inside a new pot sitting out on the porch. 

Shelley Keane inherited Peppy from her next-door neighbors. She learned how Peppy loves spending time outside exploring, and especially loves trying to find sneaky hiding spots where she can sleep all day. 

Peppy’s a little on the heavier side, so it can be hard to find hiding spots she can squeeze into comfortably. She often spends time sleeping under her family’s car — but one day, she noticed a new pot sitting out on the porch. 

Photo Credit: Shelley Keane

“We only put the pot there about two weeks ago and that became her new spot,” Keane told The Dodo. 

At first, Keane had no idea that Peppy had started sleeping in the pot, and was a little confused about where she had gone — and couldn’t help but laugh when she discovered the truth. 

Photo Credit: Shelley Keane

“I saw something move and out popped Peppy,” Keane said. 

The pot is the perfect size for Peppy to fit in comfortably, and she now spends a lot of her time curled up in there, just sleeping the day away. When the family put the pot out on the porch, they had no idea that it would go from a cute decoration to a cat sleeping spot, but now they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Photo Credit: Shelley Keane

“I thought it was super cute cause you don’t expect anything to be in the pot,” Keane said. 

Now the pot belongs to Peppy and has become her official sleeping spot — until she gets bored and moves on to the next one, of course, because that’s what cats do. 

Source: The Dodo