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Owner Shares Journey After Her Dachshund Ate A Bowl of Chocolates [Video]



  • Dog owner @gaston.theminidachshund was scared to discover that their dog Gaston had eaten a bowl of chocolates.
  • They rushed him to the emergency vet where Gaston was induced to vomit and cost them $160 to save him.
  • Chocolates contain the toxin theobromine and caffeine that if eaten in large amounts would lead to muscle tremors, seizures and even heart failure.

Dog owners have always been warned about the dangers of dogs eating chocolates. Chocolates contain the toxin Theobromine that they cannot metabolize according to VCA Animal Hospitals.  Consumed in small amounts, it could lead to panting, diarrhea, vomiting, frequent urination, restlessness and a racing heartbeat. In large amounts, it could lead to seizures, muscle tremors and even heart failure.

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It also contains caffeine that if taken in large amounts would lead to similar symptoms to theobromine poisoning.

So, imagine the horror of one dog owner @gaston.theminidachshund when they learned that their dog Gaston stole “a full bowl of chocolate.” 

Photo Credit: @gaston.theminidachshund (TikTok)

The VCA advised dog owners to get your dog to a vet ASAP and so they immediately rushed to the emergency vet.

In the video, the Dachshund sits on his owner’s lap on their way to the vet and the owner captioned it: “POV: you ate a full bowl of chocolate on Saturday morning so your parents are afraid you might die.”

Photo Credit: @gaston.theminidachshund (TikTok)

In the same VCA advisory, once at the vet, they will be induced to vomit and so in the next video Gaston is seen sitting on the vet’s examination table and soon starts to heave. 

The next clip shows the sad pup now curled in his owner’s arms while on their way home from the vet. This is when @gaston.theminidachshund shared “[We] lost $160 because of the ‘weekend’ rate.” 

Photo Credit: @gaston.theminidachshund (TikTok)

Fortunately in the following clip, Gaston is shown back to his old self and his owner writing: “Don’t care, worth it.”

It was a close call for Gaston leaving user nia to write: “Living on the edge,” while Amanda joked: “No One Barks like Gaston, No One Scarfs Like Gaston, No One Eats All The Chocolate and Barfs Like Gaston!”

Don’t go stealing chocolates again, Gaston! Save your parents some worry and money!

Source: Newsweek