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Parents Were Amazed How Long Their Dog Could Float In The Water, But When They Checked, She Was Actually Standing In The Pool



  • Cassidy loves to swim a lot and brings along a toy in the pool she can play with!
  • Whenever she can’t find her toy in the water, she’d wait for help.
  • Her parents thought she was treading the water, but it turned out, she was actually standing — looking ridiculous and adorable at the same time.

Cassidy has always been a very energetic dog and very playful ever since she was young—running and playing all the time she gets. But now that she’s a little older, she wanted more relaxed activities—and swimming is definitely her favorite.

“She is nearly addicted to swimming,” her mom, Kristine Briggs, told The Dodo. 

Photo Credit: Kristine Briggs

The pup loves to bring her toy and play with it in the pool. She knocks it as far as she could into the middle and swims to get it and does it again over and over. She seems to never get tired of it—and she gets upset whenever she can’t find her toy.

“One time, the pool toy went into the skimmer slot on the side,” Kristine said. “She swam over and was hovering all around the skimmer looking for her toy. I thought she was treading water.”

Photo Credit: Kristine Briggs

She was frantically searching for her toy and Kristine was amazed how long she could stay floating in the water. Her mom thought she was treading the water showing her impressive swimming skills, but she found out it was not the case at all!

“When I got out of the pool to get her toy, I noticed she was actually standing,” Kristine said. “Too funny. She looked somewhat ridiculous and we laughed and laughed.”

Somehow, Cassidy learned to stand up in the pool and it really looks hilarious! Still, she loves swimming but when her toy gets stuck, she’d stay there standing, waiting for it to be freed, which is kind of amusing for her parents.

“She will only stand if her toy is trapped in the skimmer and she will stand there waiting for us to retrieve it,” Kristine said. 

Source: The Dodo