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People Spread Laughter Online by Sharing Photos of Costume-Themed Bin Outings



  • Two friends have found a way to make taking the trash much more exciting — by dressing up.
  • Danielle Askew and a friend created a Facebook page to share photos of themselves wearing costumes while taking out the trash.
  • Soon enough, they were joined in by more than a million people from around the world!

Taking the trash is usually a much-disliked chore. But netizens have found a way to make it a source of laughter and entertainment for the online community — by wearing costumes during their garbage bin outings.

A woman wearing a costume of a large styrofoam head of an old man wheels her bin to the kerb.
Photo Credit: Samantha Hansen

There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to people who share photos of themselves getting dressed up to take out the trash. The Bin Isolation Outing Facebook group was created by Danielle Askew and her friends from Queensland, Australia.

Photo Credit: Katrina Atley

Danielle had told her friend how she had been feeling excited to take the trash out daily because it has been her only chance to go outside during the stay-at-home orders.

“Missed out on her 80’s-themed party so my daughter took the bin out for her 21st birthday instead!”
Photo Credit: Belinda Watson

Danielle’s friend felt the same, so they decided to dress up for the occasion and share the photos online:

A woman in fancy dress dragging a wheelie bin with a tutu on it.
Photo Credit: Danielle Askew

They set up the Facebook page to share photos of their bin outings with their friends in Hervey Bay. Within weeks, more than a million people from around the world joined in.

Photo Credit: Thitidet Yos

Some people dressed up for birthdays spent in isolation while some put on their favorite Halloween costumes.

Photo by Zoe-Marie Masters

The Facebook page has since has become a community hotspot for creativity and support during the pandemic.

Photo Credit: Pete Layton

Danielle told ABC News, “I have had a lot of people private message me, and also on the page, to say thank you so much.

They were quite down and this has made them smile and laugh. So [they say] ‘thank you for bringing a little bit of light into the chaotic world we are in at the moment’.”

Photo Credit: Alix Holston

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Source: Good News Network