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Photographer And Her Daughter Created “Frozen’s” Anna and Kristoff’s Wedding In Backyard… Because It Didn’t Happen In The Movie



  • Being quarantined and wedding gigs canceled, photographer KarLee gave in to her daughter’s wish to photograph Disney characters Anna and Kristoff’s wedding.
  • This was amazing because the movie had such a cliffhanger ending not showing their wedding.
  • After posting it on Facebook, the photos went quickly viral!

When people talk about the animated Disney movies Frozen and Frozen 2, instantaneously, people think about queen Elsa. Although, there is another hero in those movies who needs to be recognized—Elsa’s sister, Anna.

It can’t be denied, Anna and Kristoff’s love story was one of the best love stories in Disney.

Toward the end of Frozen 2, Kristoff proposed to Anna finally to which she replied yes, of course! But the wedding was not shown at all leaving a cliffhanger ending to the fans. So photographer KarLee, with the cancellation of her wedding gigs due to the coronavirus, staged the whole Anna and Kristoff wedding with the help of her four-year-old daughter, Claire.

Photo Credit: K&A Creative

She then uploaded the photos to her business account on Facebook: “With all our weddings being postponed this month, my little Claire had an awesome idea of marrying her two favorite people, Anna + Kristoff. Have we gone a little crazy during social distancing? Maybe. But it was really fun being able to plan a wedding with a 4-year-old. So glad we got to capture these moments for Anna + Kristoff.”

Just like all the good things on the internet, the photos quickly went viral!

Photo Credit: K&A Creative

It looked like a truly epic event! Anna’s maid of honor was Elsa, and she was also the one who walked her sister down the aisle. Olaf was the flower snowman, Sven was Kristoff’s best reindeer, and the decoration was beautiful! 

Photo Credit: K&A Creative

After going viral, KarLee thought to take advantage of the opportunity and raise funds for the non-profit, No Kid Hungry. People can now buy the photos with printing rights for only $10. 

That’s just another amazing way to get creative and productive during the lockdown. We hope and pray this pandemic ends soon!

Source: Inspire More