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Photoshoot Becomes Nap Time for Guide Dog-In-Training [Video]



  • While on an important photo session, 6-week-old Benny could not help taking a nap.
  • The photographer still managed to get some cute snaps of the adorable pup for the announcement of Benny’s initiation to the guide-dog training.
  • Benny is now 7 months old and is doing well with the training and still gets to play and nap when he has the time.

When you’re a pup, there’s no controlling where you fall asleep, even when you fight it.

Benny is a soon-to-be guide dog for the blind or visually impaired or a service dog for a first responder or veteran.  He was born at Guide Dog Foundation and his future is to be of service to those who would need him. He will be well-equipped for it as he will undergo training to be a good guide dog.

What he is not prepared for is not being able to fall asleep when his nap time comes.

When Benny was 6 weeks old, he went with his friends from the foundation for their initiation photo shoot.  Everyone was excited, including Benny.  But his need for a nap overpowered him.  He was trying not to nod off.

Rebecca Eden, the marketing coordinator of the foundation said, “During the shoot, Benny looked sleepier than ever, and we could see him starting to doze off so we quickly began filming just in time to watch him slowly tip over.”  She added, “Our nursery staff and photographer were all giggling, and you can hear one staff member say, ‘Goodnight,’ as he dozes off.”

Photo Credit: Guide Dog Foundation

In spite of the attack of sleepiness, the photographer still got some cute shots of Benny to let everybody know that Benny will be initiated into the program. After all, he’s still a baby. He needs his precious sleep.

Benny’s training has been going well since that cute photo nap when he was still 6 six weeks old.  Now after 7 months, Benny has the makings of being the best guide or service dog that a person could have.  But please, his play and naps are important, too.  And he’s been getting the two by the foundation’s staff who love him to bits.

Source: The Dodo