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Physical Therapist Who Helped Dog With Spinal Injury Ended Up Adopting Her: “She Chose Me”



  • Camp Cocker Rescue in Los Angeles, California rescued one cocker spaniel from a high-kill animal shelter.
  • Violet, the dog, sustained damage to the spinal cord prior to her rescue, but the caretakers that took her in made sure to help her regain some of the functions she lost.
  • The dog connected with the physical therapist that helped her throughout, so around the time their sessions are about to be completed, she adopted her — not wanting to part ways.

Camp Cocker Rescue in Los Angeles, California took charge of one cocker spaniel abandoned in a high-kill animal shelter because of damage to the spinal cord that resulted in a loss of function, which made things almost impossible for her to walk on her own.

The employees started working with the poor animal, now under their care. Nami connected with the animal. She works as a canine physical therapist in the rescue shelter and she is one of the animal’s caretakers.

“She was very scared of people,” Nami said. “She just didn’t know how to be a dog.”

Violet began to put her trust in the team of caretakers, moving out of their way to help her. It was not long after that the canine physical therapist helped the dog make incredible strides in their sessions. She described the animals as hardworking and friendly. These characteristics contributed to this progress.

It took a three-week-treadmill and special harnesses training, for the poor animal to strengthen her hind legs. Nami, and the other caretakers devoted to the animal, marked improvement in her motion after that point. This helped the animal to work even harder—the training helped her realize that there is something more that she could do. Violet is prepared for her special wheelchair and from that point on, she continued to move forward.

“She never gives up. She overcomes so much,” Nami added with pride.

Their sessions together are about to come to an end and realized that she did not want to part ways. “I realized, ‘Oh my gosh, she picked me.’” This decision was final and made arrangements to adopt the beautiful girl and brought her home with her.


Today, the animal goes out with her new mom, on numerous adventures. Since the moment that the animal regained some of her functions, they planned to go out hiking and swimming together. Nami started introducing the dog to more and more activities for the first time.

Nami started an account on social media about the progress of her dog, proud that she was able to overcome her injury.

“Hi, I am just a handi-capable wonder woman,” the page reads. “Traveling the world with my message of love and acceptance for perfectly imperfect dogs everywhere.”

The two of them make an adorable family. This could encourage people to overcome their own obstacles no matter how difficult they may seem.

Source: Inspire More