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Pre-teen Makes Bats Out Of Fallen Trees So He Can Donate Money To Storm Victims [Video]



  • Tommy is still young but his heart is big and he can’t stand watching people suffer without doing anything. 
  • That’s why, after the devastation of a derecho in Iowa three months ago, he thought of a way to help others out. 
  • He decided to create baseball bats from the wood debris of the storm and donate the money he earned to a foundation.

Tommy Rhomberg may still be young, but he’s got a big heart and is thoughtful of others’ welfare. 

In August, a “derecho” — a series of strong windstorms and thunderstorms — hit Iowa and devastated Tommy’s neighborhood. Amidst chaos and despair, the young teen stepped up and gave hope to his community. 

Many homes and properties were ruined in the aftermath. Tommy’s friend’s birthday never went as planned as well because of the storm. But instead of just getting sad about it, he decided to do something to cheer his friend up. He made him a baseball bat — because he is a baseball fan — out from a tree that had fallen in the storm. He called it: “The Great Derecho.”

Photo Credit: @thegreatderecho (Facebook)

When others discovered his incredible craftsmanship, they also requested to buy homemade bats from Tommy. That’s when he thought he could actually sell some and use the money he would earn to help people.

“I just wanted to make a nice gift for my friend. I didn’t know people would be so interested,” he wrote on his own website. “But since so many people in our area need help after the storm, let’s work together to make a difference for them.”

Photo Credit: @thegreatderecho (Facebook)

His family is doing just fine after the storm but Tommy is aware that many families out there need help badly. 

“Just driving around town, there were people with half their house destroyed, and I just wanted to raise money so we could help them, help people rebuild,” he told CBS News. “I feel like it’s really helping people.”

Photo Credit: @thegreatderecho (Facebook)

Tommy has since sold 113 bats and has donated to the Greater Cedar Rapids Foundation Disaster Relief Fund a whopping $2,500! 

Tommy will surely grow to become a fine man that the world needs more of!

Source: Inspire More