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Preemie Born The Size Of A 12-Inch Superman Toy Doll Survived Miraculously



  • Doctors were not hopeful of Logan’s survival when he was born. 
  • He is a premature baby only the size of a 12-inch Superman toy doll. 
  • He grows up to be healthy and poses with the doll every year for his birthday.

The premature baby who was born just of the same size as a Superman doll has recovered miraculously and now celebrates each and every single milestone in life with the action figure by his side. 

When Logan Ray was born, he was only 1.5 pounds and 12inches tall, like a Superman doll.  

Doctors were not hopeful of Logan’s survival but just like the hero by his side, he proved to be a great fighter. 

Photo Credit: SWNS

Each week passed and Logan grew larger and larger until on the 105th day, the premie, who was in the care of Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon, got to finally go home! 

From then on, his 34-year-old mom, Val, takes photos of him side by side with his Superman toy so they could be reminded how far he’s gone.

“He is a little superhero himself. Even when he was just a pound-and-a-half in weight. I called him my little ‘tough guy’.”

Photo Credit: SWNS

Up to this day, doctors would still message Val to check on Logan. 

The idea of taking a picture of him with the toy when he was born was from the nurses. So Val asked Rob, her husband, to grab something. 

“I told him to pick out something that he thought would be appropriate like a doll that we could disinfect and put inside the incubator.

“He called me and said, ‘What about a Superman?’ I thought it was perfect!”

Photo Credit: SWNS

When Val was pregnant of Logan, they found out she had an incompetent cervix, which usually causes miscarriage on women. 

The doctors told them to go home and expect the worst but they were determined to fight for Logan and Logan fought hard for his dear life as well. 

Fast forward to four years later, Logan is now a perfectly healthy and active kid with a happy personality. He still got his Superman toy and they still take photos of them together on his birthdays. 


“He’s just an incredible little boy. A lot of these babies born at 23 weeks have tons of health problems but Logan…he’s a smart little kid, my little boy, he really is.”

Source: Good News Network