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Preggo Cat Walks with Strangers and Finds Her Forever Home [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Meghan’s regular stroll turned magical when an expecting cat, Wednesday, decided to accompany her.
  • With Meghan’s help, Wednesday got medical care and soon delivered four adorable kittens: Pugsley, Morticia, Thing, and Lurch.
  • From the trails to a warm bed, Wednesday’s journey is a testimony to serendipity and the magic of compassion. 🐾✨

For Meghan and her friend, what started as a regular walk alongside a bike trail turned into an extraordinary animal rescue adventure.

A sleek black cat, with an aura of determination, decided to grace them with her presence, strolling alongside like an old buddy.

Little did they know, this feline had more than just companionship on her mind.

The furry revelation? She was expecting!

Though Meghan and her pal weren’t amidst houses and picket fences, the momma-to-be feline was an embodiment of hope. It was as though destiny had orchestrated their meeting.


Meet Wednesday 🖤 I would like to think the universe picked us to take care of this sweet pregnant girl 🖤🥰 TAKING ALL ADVICE!! #pregnantcat #catsoftiktok #fyp ♬ Golden Hour: Piano Version – Andy Morris


“She kept walking with us and was so friendly,” Meghan excitedly shared on TikTok, her voice brimming with surprise.

With a heart as vast as the open sky, Meghan touched base with a nonprofit in the vicinity. This led the expectant cat, soon christened Wednesday, to a vet where she got the medical attention she so deserved.

“No microchip, everything looked healthy and I was able to get all her shots,” Meghan narrated, the relief evident in her voice.


Kitten update!! Kittens were born yesterday, eyes are still closed and all are doing well so far 🖤 Momma is adjusting. See link in @🌛 Sage 🌜 bio for Amazon list! #kittensoftiktok #kitten #blackcat #wednesdayaddams ♬ Sunsets (feat. Olivia Lunny) – Nurko

With the countdown to motherhood ticking, Meghan had made up her mind. The soon-to-be-mother of four would be her houseguest. And oh, what a delightful guest Wednesday turned out to be, as her sweetness multiplied with each passing day.


Before the sun could set many times, Wednesday introduced the world to her quartet of furballs: Pugsley, Morticia, Thing, and Lurch.


Finally named the litter…although Thing is named aptly because still cannot confirm their gender 🤪🖤 addamsfamily wednesdayaddams kitten fyp ♬ No Roots – Alice Merton

These whiskered wonders have been thriving in Meghan’s care. So much so that two of them have already been swooped up into their permanent homes.

That fateful day, on a quiet bike trail, Wednesday was on a mission, not just for a walk, but to find the safety and love she and her kittens so desperately needed.

And as the saying goes, sometimes the universe conspires in your favor when you least expect it.