Pregnant cat learns to trust again after giving birth in a shelter and befriending a dog [Video]

  • An animal rescuer manages to trap a very pregnant stray cat and brings her to a rescue center.
  • Mama cat learns how to be petted at the center and gives birth to seven kittens after a few days.
  • The cat and her kittens learn how to receive love and affection at the center and are now ready for adoption. 

Stray cats have past experiences that make them wary of humans and other animals.  But one very pregnant black and white stray cat caught the attention of animal rescuer Kim.  She had to get the momma to safety.

And so, when she was able to trap the momma cat, she brought her to Karly and Katelyn Saltarski of Salty Animal Rescue in Orlando, Florida.

Karly shared that the cat was not happy about humans but she managed to sneak in a few pets. โ€œShe was about a five-and-a-half on the spice scale, but with some extra work, we knew we could get her down to a solid one.โ€

Caring for the feisty mama cat who was named Banksy after the street artist, did not come easy. But with constant care and attention, she learned to warm up and purr. Good thing she was at the shelter when she gave birth to seven kittens!

Photo Credit: Salty Animal Rescue (Instagram)

The staff named the kittens after artists like their mom— Warhol, Frida, Pablo, Mona, Monet, Bob Ross, and Dali.

From the way she was cared for and her kittens, Banksy slowly learned to trust humans and became friendly to the staff. She even welcomed a friendship with the dog Nood who was the shelterโ€™s resident kitten babysitter!

The little ones took to Nood straight away and liked to cuddle on Noodโ€™s warm fur. As Karly puts it, โ€œNood finally got to meet her newest babies and there could not be a happier dog.โ€

Banksy will be spayed and opened for adoption and so are her kittens who are now old enough to go to their forever homes. Thanks to the sanctuary, Banksy and her brood have experienced and learned how to be loved by humans and a dog. 

Source: Inspire More

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When all we see are articles that report on chaos and hate…it is refreshing to see a refreshing article like this one. We need more kindness like what was given to Banksy. God bless the many people who care for these homeless pets.