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Pup Keeps Taking Food Bowl to the Couch [Video]



  • Murphy has been used to eating from his food bowl on the kitchen floor, until two years ago.
  • He decided to eat with his family in the TV room and dragged his food bowl to join them!
  • To avoid future spilling accidents, his mom decided to just put his food bowl on his spot on the couch.

We’ve all been taught that we should only eat at the dinner table. But despite that, we also know that’s it so much more comfortable to eat on the couch in front of the TV.

This pup, Murphy, knows it, too.

Photo Credit: AUDREY WAITO

Murphy had been used to eating from his food bowl on the kitchen floor, just like most pets — until two years ago.

Realizing that his family was eating in the other room where the TV is, he decided to join them.

Murphy’s owner, Audrey Waito, told The Dodo, “My daughter and I were sitting at opposite ends of the couch eating our dinner when he brought his bowl in and hopped between us, gently placed it down and began to eat.”


Just wanted to eat his dinner and relax! ##murphy ♬ original sound – Audrey Waito-Prince

Murphy’s family didn’t mind one bit. They certainly welcome the company!

But while Murphy tries his best not to spill as he drags his bowl, there have been some accidents.

Eventually, Audrey decided to just put Murphy’s food bowl on his spot on the couch.

Photo Credit: AUDREY WAITO

Now, Murphy feels more like a part of the family. We guess the family who eats and watches TV together on the couch stays together!

His favorite humans certainly consider him as part of the family. Audrey, in fact, considers Murphy as her “other child,” adding that the pup is “quite spoiled.”


Source: The Dodo