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Pup Tries to “Fetch” Snowman’s Stick Arm [Video]



  • Alice the Jackapoo has been described by her mom as a “stick fiend” — she simply loves all kinds of sticks.
  • So when she came across a snowman, her only interest was to “fetch” its stick arm.
  • She jumped onto the snowman and latched onto its arm, refusing to let go!

Meet Alice. Like most dogs, the 6-year-old Jackapoo loves to fetch sticks, no matter what size they are.

Photo Credit: Kennedy News & Media

As she was out on a walk with her parents, Charlotte Beard and Sam Grogan, they came upon a field of undisturbed snow.

While her parents seized the opportunity to build a snowman, Alice was only interested in one thing: the snowman’s stick arm.

Charlotte told The Daily Mail, “The whole time we were building the snowman she was trying to get up to the branch. She couldn’t quite manage it by just jumping. But as we made our way to come home, she took a running jump at it and managed to get a grip on the stick.”

buy a jackapoo they said ???????? This video is exclusively managed by Kennedy News and Media. To license or use in a commercial player please contact by Charlotte Louise on Monday, February 8, 2021

The little pup held on the stick and would not let go! As she dangled in the air, she repeatedly tugged at the stick, which made for a hilarious scene.

The stick would not budge, however, even after five minutes of constant pulling.

Photo Credit: Kennedy News & Media

It turns out that such a sight is normal for “stick fiend” Alice. Charlotte told The Daily Mail that “she’ll try and take it off them” every time she spots someone with a stick.

“You wouldn’t think with her size that she would carry a 5kg [11-pound] stick, but she manages it,” Charlotte continued. “She’ll bark at you continuously until you throw a stick for her and she won’t stop until she’s panting, which is normally after about an hour.

Alice’s parents eventually had to take her home and away from the snowman, making sure to promise her many other sticks in the future.

Source: The Dodo