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Pups Happily Cruise through the Boardwalk on a Customized Skateboard Train



  • These adorable pups got to enjoy a beautiful summer day rolling down the boardwalk.
  • Their owner made them a customized ‘skateboard train’ so they can all enjoy a walk together.
  • The pups, who all wore sunglasses, all “looked like they were having a great time!”

Australia has become a haven for surfers and skaters. But it turns out that humans are not the only ones who love rolling down the boardwalk.

It was on one beautiful summer day on the east coast of Australia when Sophie Flecknor spotted these adorable furry skaters:

Photo Credit: Sophie Flecknor

She instantly knew that she had to share this special moment with everyone! So she grabbed her phone and started filming the adorable view.

Sophie told The Dodo, “I was astounded by what I saw.”

Their owner was “walking” three dogs but only held one leash. And on the other end, each dog was perched atop their own skateboard that suited their size — and the boards were all linked together to form a kind of skateboard train.

Photo Credit: Sophie Flecknor

What a wonderful way to make sure they can all walk together with no one falling behind!

As the dog train passed Sophie, she could see each one smiling happily as they took in the sights around the beach.

“The dogs looked like they were having a great time!” Sophie shared.

And if that wasn’t adorable enough, the pups’ loving dog dad made sure to provide them protection from the sun by each giving them their own little sunglasses! How cute!

Photo Credit: Sophie Flecknor

For Sophie, that was just the cherry on top of the whole thing.

“The sunglasses to protect their eyes made it for me,” she said.

Their dog dad surely knows how they can all enjoy the sunshine with style.

Source: The Dodo