Quick-Thinking Female Bus Driver Saves All 40 Students From Burning Vehicle

  • A bus driver of Imagine Schools saved 40 children from the burning bus that she was driving.
  • Janet O’Connell led her kids one by one to a safe distance away from the burning bus.
  • O’Connell has been receiving praise from parents and the school but she says she did it because she loves her kids.

When you’re a parent and you send your children off to their school via the school bus, you entrust your children’s lives to the bus driver to get them safely to school.  In this case, the driver even risked her life just for the kids because she loves them.

Janet O’Connell was on her usual route with her school children ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade when she saw smoke under her bus’s hood.

She calmly parked the bus and evacuated the students one by one until they were at a safe distance away from the bus which, by this time, was burning.

First responders attended to them and found everyone of the 40 children, unharmed.

Photo Credit: @Palmbayfirerescue (Facebook)

School principal Brian DeGonzague said that he was not surprised that Janet acted the way she did. Brian said, “When there’s a child in need, she steps up.”

And just like any unassuming hero, Janet refuses credit for the heroic act. Principal Brian said that Janet did it because she loves her kids.

Photo Credit: WKMG News 6 ClickOrlando (YouTube)

According to the school’s statement, they stated: “We are blessed that everyone is safe. This is due to the quick actions of our driver, Ms. Janet, and the students. We are proud that our students showed how they are leaders of great character as they assisted one another.”

Photo Credit: @Palmbayfirerescue (Facebook)

You are one true hero, Janet O’Connell. Thank you!

Source: Inspire More

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