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Random Cat Breaks Into Woman’s Garage On Occasion To Play In Her Car



  • This random cat is found stuck inside her garage, looking as if she intends to live inside the garage from now on.
  • The cat enjoyed playing in the car and the boat inside the garage, pleased that she found herself a new space to hang out in.
  • Apparently, the cat belongs to one of the homeowners in the neighborhood, and she just fancies going out to explore.

Charity Hendey went through her usual routine for the day when she noticed soft meowing. This was weird, because she does not live with cats, nor does she own any. The meowing continued, so she decided to peruse around her house, looking for the cat making the noise.

The Dodo | Charity Hendey

There were no cats in the places she looked, so she tried to let it go and moved on from it only to find the meowing cat later that day. This random cat somehow managed to break into her garage, looking quite pleased to be there. 

 “I sat down and she ran up onto my lap and was so loving,” Charity said.

Charity hung out in her garage for the next two hours, watching the cat that broke in. From the looks of things, the cat intends to live inside her garage from now on.

The Dodo | Charity Hendey

The cat enjoyed playing on the car inside her garage…

The Dodo | Charity Hendey

… and in her boat. The cat looked pleased that she found herself a new space to hang out in.

The Dodo | Charity Hendey

The cat left after some time, probably unto the nest destination of her adventure, but two days after, the cat is inside her garage again. This second time might be intentional, Charity thinks. The cat did look like she enjoyed playing in her car.

“She loves to explore,” Charity said. “Playing in the boat and using the carpet on the floor as a scratching post. She explored my car since my window was down.”

The Dodo | Charity Hendey

Curious, she went to ask about the cat and where she comes from. Charity learns that the cat inside her garage belongs to one of her neighbors. The cat saunters around the neighborhood, exploring apparently. It is obvious that she took a special liking to the garage seeing as she broke in more than once.

Charity is pleased that the cat has found a forever home, and she does look happy. This does not mean would not break into her garage again. In fact, she expects that she will find the cat “stuck” in there in no time.

“I’m sure she will be a frequent visitor since she knows she gets cuddles over here and she gets to explore more,” Charity said. 

Source: The Dodo