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Rapper 50 Cent and Jay Mazini Give $30k Tip To Burger King Employees



  • Famous rapper 50 Cent and Instagram influencer Jay Mazini surprised Burger King employees with a $30,000 cash tip!
  • In a video posted on twitter, the employees were in screams and cheers after they were handed out with cash from both of them.
  • Having grown up in the nearby South Jamaica neighborhood, this good deed is special to the artist’s heart. 

Famous rapper 50 Cent, does not limit his tip to 50 cents only. Matter of fact, he gave a whopping $30,000 cash tip to Burger King staff in Queens, New York. 

On Tuesday, the “Power” actor went to the restaurant’s drive-thru with  Instagram influencer Jay Mazini to make the generous donation, says the  Queens Daily Eagle.

“Jay Mazini is the real deal, he saw me in the hood yesterday so we went tonight and showed everybody some love,” 50 Cent posted on Twitter along with a video that has now gone viral.

Mazini is known for his generous deeds doing “impromptu cash drops” in New York and he collaborated with 50 Cent for the recent restaurant stunt. Being raised in the South Jamaica neighborhood nearby, the deed hit 50 Cent close to home.

The two-minute video started with Mazini walking over to the drive-thru window and started chatting with the employees. 

“How’s life treating you, how is everything with COVID?” Mazini asked. “They paying right?”

He also told them he was there “to show love to you guys” for all their hard work during these difficult times. He then asked them to gather around and he suddenly started giving out stacks of money!

The employees were surprised but that didn’t end there!

 “Hold on, there’s more!” he exclaimed, then 50 Cent came over and they were even more shocked!

The staffers were in screams and cheers and they bumped fists with the star, who is just as happy as they are. Then he started giving out money as well!


“This is my birthday, thank you!” one employee shouted in gratitude.

 When they were done with their work, 50 Cent had his arm around Mazini and said: “This is the man right here.”

When a NY Police car pulled up to the restaurant, the artist also went to the officers and jokingly said, “I got some for you too!” showing them a stack of cash!

Mazini later posted on Instagram a photo of him and 50 Cent together, and he said: “Change lives and connect with real ones. Southside Queens stand up!! Ya deserve it.”

Source: Fox News