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Rescue Cat Loves “Flying” to New Mom [Video]



  • It seemed like an odd pairing: foster pet mom Samantha did not consider herself a “cat person,” and Anya the rescue cat was a shy one.
  • But after the weeks went by, the two eventually warmed up to each other — Anya even learned to “fly” to her foster mom!
  • They developed such a close bond that Samantha decided not to let Anya go and adopted her herself.

Most rescue pets tend to keep to themselves at first since they’re still wary of their new environment. So foster parents need to make sure that they have all the time and space they need to be comfortable.

One such foster mom, Samantha, experienced how it was like. Since she did not identify as a “cat person,” she assumed that she would foster dogs. But the shelter sent her Anya, a young, shy cat.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Samantha still made sure to take care of Anya as best she could. She allowed her time and space, until, eventually, they both opened up to each other.

The exact moment can even be pinpointed, said Samantha. That’s because it was the moment Anya just “flew” to her!

Samantha shared, “I gave her time to trust me. I had a feeling that she would open up to me, and then all of a sudden, she just jumped on my shoulder.”

Anya had leaped from the kitchen table and landed on Samantha’s shoulder!

The surprised foster mom thought it was just a lucky jump. But as the days went by, she found that Anya loves to “fly!”


The pair quickly developed a closer bond.

“To watch her transform from this shy cat that was so scared to someone who runs this house and practically runs me. Taking care of her helps me take better care of myself,” Samantha shared.

Samantha loved their time together so much that when the shelter called to inform her of a permanent home for Anya, she could not let her go!

“She is my cat,” she thought. So, she decided to turn down the placement and adopted Anya herself!

Photo Credit: Instagram

The pair who had once distanced themselves from each other now does everything together!

Anya has since learned to “fly” onto Samantha’s shoulder on command!

It’s truly an amazing thing that Samantha and Anya were brought together — and stayed together!

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