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Sassy Canine Has A Serious Crush On Henry Cavill And The Full-On Obsession Is So Adorable [Video]



  • A French bulldog named Rory has a full-on obsession with the actor Henry Cavill.
  • Her mom has proven from a series of tests that Rory only has eyes for the actor and showed no interest with other actors.
  • Just being near a photo of Cavill would calm Rory down and avoid a temper tantrum from happening.

Having a crush or obsessing on a superstar is not exclusive to humans.  Pets like dogs can have it, too.  And it is making Rory, a French bulldog, even more popular on TikTok.

@rorythefrenchie Replying to @kikiscircus The world could always use more wholesome content, especially when there’s cute dogs involved. And what’s more wholesome and adorable than literal puppy love? #dogsoftiktok #lovestory #whattheworldneeds #wholesome #frenchie #henrycavill ♬ What The World Needs Now – Dionne Warwick

At first, she was known for her feisty personality and being garbed in adorable costumes.  But it seems that she has developed a new obsession to be known for: her serious obsession with the actor Henry Cavill.

Heather Land, Rory’s mom said, at first it was just the special attention that Rory gives to the actor whenever Cavill would be on screen. Special because Rory would perk up and watch the actor unlike the others who did not in any way capture her interest.

Photo Credit: @rorythefrenchie (TikTok)

Henry Cavill’s face, voice, and immediate proximity has Rory’s attention as evidenced from a series of tests that Heather did.

Heather said, “I made a silent slideshow with different photos of Cavill, and Rory lovingly stared at the entire slideshow. I was then given the suggestion to put a framed photo of Cavill by her bed — which we refer to as The Tantrum Couch — and she sits and stares at that photo multiple times [a day], every single day. It’s safe to say she clearly has a love for Henry Cavill.”

@rorythefrenchie Doing the science for you all 😆 I’ve seen so many videos lately of people saying their pet loves a celebrity, but I don’t want to just tell you, I want to prove it… for science! #dogsoftiktok #Rory #puppylove #funnydog #henrycavill #doglover ♬ You’re Still The One – Remixed/Remastered 2004 – Shania Twain

It also had a calming effect on Rory to see Cavill.  Even just his photograph nearby would stop Rory from going into her angry outbursts.  “The Tantrum Couch” has turned into Rory’s happy place with Henry Cavill pillows, blankets, and plush toys on a regular basis from her fans.

Rory’s avid fans are also obsessed with her love for Henry Cavill from the way she looks closely at his photo.

Wouldn’t it be grand to have Henry Cavill sending a video greeting to Rory?  How would Rory react?

Source: Inspire More