Smart Border Collie Gets On The Right Bus To Get Home After Getting Lost Chasing Geese At The Park

  • A Border Collie went off leash as she chased geese in a park in Hertfordshire in South England.
  • While her owners looked for her, she hopped on a bus and waited for her correct bus stop.
  • A passenger recognized her and sent her owners a photo, then went off the bus with the pup and waited for the owners to get her.

A two-year-old rescue Border Collie named Pepper was out walking at Stevenage Park in Hertfordshire when she saw geese at the lake.ย  In her excitement, she bolted out of her grandma Julie Jonesโ€™ hands and went chasing the geese!ย 

Her owners, Charlotte Jones and Saffron Caps, scoured the lake area but could not find her.  They immediately appealed on social media for help in finding her.  Or if anyone spotted her, to let them know. 

Photo Credit: Charlotte Jones

Unknown to them, the pup walked three miles to get to the bus station and rode on the No. 7 Arriva service.  Pepper has been taking the bus with her parents, the route was familiar to her.  She even knows all the bus stops before it was her turn to go down. 

‘Her natural instinct is to go and herd them and chase, so she’s bolted’, said Charlotte. ‘Pepper then lost sight of where she was going and then must have ran straight into town. The bus driver saw her come on and was thinking the owner was behind.’

Photo Credit: Charlotte Jones

While on the bus, someone recognized the pup and took a photo then sent it to the frantic owners. She also told the driver that the pup should stay on the bus until her owners would meet her.  

The other passengers were amazed at how patiently she waited for her stop. 

Charlotte said, ‘She knew when to get up when the bell rang. We have done that bus ride for so long, the doors opened and she jumped off.’

Photo Credit: Charlotte Jones

And when Pepper got off the bus, the lady also got off and waited with her until she was reunited with her parents. 

And what a relief it was for Charlotte and Saffron that Pepper was finally with them after two hours of not knowing if she was okay or if they would find their beloved pup. They could not be more thankful to the lady who recognized Pepper, informed them where she was and stayed with her until their meeting.ย 

And lastly, grateful that they have one clever Pup who may have given them a scare but knew how to find her way home.

Source: Daily Mail

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