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Snack Aisle Surprise: Stray Pup Family Steals Hearts at Dollar General



Quick Smiles:

  • Shoppers at a Virginia dollar store spotted a pit bull mama peering through the glass door, silently pleading for help.
  • The good-hearted patrons set out food and water for the dog, later named Izzy, and her hidden litter of puppies before alerting animal control.
  • The Amelia County Animal Shelter (ACAS) welcomed Izzy and her pups, providing them with medical care, food, and lots of love. They’re now on the road to recovery and will be up for adoption once they’re healthy.

The Amelia County Animal Shelter (ACAS) in Virginia is no stranger to distress calls about dogs in need. They’ve seen it all. However, a recent call from patrons at a local Dollar General in Jetersville brought a unique twist to their rescue tales.

Earlier that day, shoppers had noticed a silent observer outside the store. A lone pit bull, covered in scratches but with a soulful gaze, was sitting just outside the glass door, quietly seeking attention. And boy, did she get it!

The kind-hearted shoppers couldn’t ignore her plea. They provided food and water for the dog and dialed up the local animal control office. Upon arrival, the officers discovered that the dog, now named Izzy, was a nursing mom. A sweep of the nearby area revealed her adorable, hungry puppies, all in need of a safe haven.

The rescuers didn’t waste any time. They scooped up the vulnerable little family and whisked them off to ACAS. The team at the shelter welcomed Izzy and her pups with open arms, scheduling a vet visit for the next day.

“Mom and the babies went to the vet today and got checked out, pedicures and some meds to get all of them right on track,” ACAS shared on Facebook. “Everyone is doing good and eating well.”


Izzy and her litter stole the hearts of their caregivers right from the start. When they weren’t watching the pups devour their meal, the staff spent their time cuddling with Izzy, who won them over in no time. To help Izzy recover from her ordeal, the ACAS team decided to give her some much-needed breaks from her mommy duties.

While one staff member kept an eye on the pups, another would spend quality time with Izzy, allowing her gentle personality to shine.

“Izzy [is] enjoying some time [away] from babies and [in] fresh air,” ACAS updated on Facebook. “She is so gentle taking treats.”

Currently, Izzy and her pups are still at ACAS, growing stronger each day. Once they’re healthy enough, they’ll be ready for adoption. But for now, they’re basking in all the love and attention they’re getting at the shelter. And with each passing day, their memories of life outside the dollar store are fading, replaced by the warmth and care they’re now receiving.