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Son transforms House into an Aquarium for Mom With Dementia on Mother’s Day [Video]



  • Jason van Genderen, an Australian filmmaker, has found new ways to make every day count while caring for his mom, Hendrika, who has both Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.
  • To make Mother’s Day extra special, he decided to create an at-home version of the Sydney Aquarium, where they frequently visited as a family during his childhood.
  • When the aquarium show finally started, “Oma” couldn’t help but gasp in pleasant surprise.

Caring for someone who has memory problems can be challenging, but as discovered by Australian filmmaker Jason van Genderen, you find ways to live in the moment.

Jason’s 87-year-old mom, Hendrika, has both Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. But he has been making every day count for Oma, as she’s known to her family.

He has kept creating new ways to bring her joy even during the pandemic.

When Oma missed going shopping, Jason recreated her favorite supermarket at home:

Jason-van-Genderen-and-his-mother.jpg (960×502)
Photo Credit: Facebook

And he was not about to let Mother’s Day pass without making it extra special.

Remembering how he had used to visit the aquarium with his parents during his childhood, he decided to recreate it at home.

Photo Credit: Facebook

So he enlisted the help of his wife and kids to hand parchment paper inside the large windows of their house. He then used two projectors to show a video of tropical fish gently swimming through the water.

Photo Credit: Facebook

What a beautiful set-up! After everything was in place, he brought Oma outside and made sure she was in a comfortable viewing position.

And when the show finally started, Oma couldn’t help but gasp in pleasant surprise.

We turned Oma's house into an aquarium for Mothers Day!

???????????????????? Let's be honest… mothers make magic happen every day… so we thought we'd try give some back to Oma for Mothers Day in isolation. Dementia treatment can take all shapes, including kindness, patience and creativity ????Posted by Omas Applesauce on Saturday, May 9, 2020

“Jason, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s very beautiful!” she exclaimed.

Photo Credit: Facebook

As she watched the gorgeous sight, Jason regaled her with all the times their family had toured the Sydney Aquarium.

Oma did not remember it the next day, but Jason said it was all worthwhile just to see her smile.

And since they made sure to record the magical moment, Oma can relive it as often as she wishes!

It was such a moving and thoughtful surprise.


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