Stolen Dog Living 600 Miles Away, Reunites With Family After 5 Years

  • A dog finally gets to reunite with her family after being stolen five years ago and abandoned by the ones who adopted her.
  • Sheba’s microchip was the key to her reunion with her family.
  • Sheba and her family are grateful to the organizations that rallied together to bring her home.

Sheba was stolen out of her family’s yard in Baytown, Texas in 2018.  Her family has been looking for her all this time, hoping they would meet again.

They did not know that Sheba was adopted by a family 600 miles away from them. Four and a half years later, the family abandoned her on the street.  An animal control officer checked her microchip and contacted her owner, Stephanie Moore-Malmstrom.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Moore-Malmstrom

Stephanie was skeptical at first and even thought that she was being scammed.  But as soon as she saw Sheba through a FaceTime call, her doubts dissipated. She knew it was Sheba even if the pup was much older.

Stephanie said, “I was like, ‘Oh my God, you have my dog, you have our baby.’”

Photo Credit: Stephanie Moore-Malmstrom

Through the help of Pilots N Paws, an organization dedicated to saving animals by flying them back to their families or to no-kill shelters, Sheba was set to reunite with her family.

And what a heartwarming reunion it was! Stephanie recalled, “I experienced every emotion that you could begin to imagine. Sheba could not get to my girls quick enough.”

Photo Credit: Stephanie Moore-Malmstrom

Sheba was ecstatic to see Stephanie’s daughters and immediately rushed over.

Stephanie could not be more grateful to the people who came together to bring home Sheba like the Borger Animal Control , Friends of Texas Panhandle Shelter Pets and Pilots N Paws. 

Photo Credit: Stephanie Moore-Malmstrom

Sheba is now basking in the light of her family’s love and we could not help but wish them a long and happy life together.

Source: The Dodo

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This is always better then reading about the Biden disasters.

My dog, Lucky, a half Beagle, half whatever, was stolen from us when I was in school. He appeared to be a full blooded hunting dog, and was smart! We were living in Charleston, SC at the time, and I was about 10 years old when he disappeared. He showed back up at the house while I was in school, about 2 months, or so later. He had knots all over his back where he had apparently been beaten, and had chewed thru a heavy rope, as the stub was still on his collar. I could tell stories about him for hours! He was such a great dog!

Gotta love a happy story!