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Stray Dog Models For A Maternity Shoot Days Before Her Anticipated Delivery



  • Ryan Fant found a stray dog at a park she later named Lily Mae. 
  • He did search for her owner but to no avail. 
  • So he decided to adopt her but then he found out she was pregnant.

Lily Mae was a stray dog when Ryan Fant found her at a park in Little Rock, Arkansas. He did try to look for her owner, but after a month of his efforts being in vain, he decided to adopt the beautiful golden retriever instead. But what he didn’t know was that Lily Mae was pregnant. 

After a vet confirmed it was the case, Ryan immediately contacted his friend, Caitie Evers — who has more experience in fostering pregnant dogs and newborn pups — so she could help take care of Lily. 

The first time Caitie met with Lily, she was surprised, the pup was very active. 

Photo Credit: @caitiesfosterfam (Instagram)

“She acts totally normal and makes me nervous with her running and jumping,” Caitie told The Dodo. “She is a total sweetheart. She is a stage five clinger who prefers to be in my lap every moment.”

Days before Lily’s anticipated date of giving birth, Caitie thought it was a great idea to have a pregnancy photoshoot as a way to get the word about her new puppies out. 

“I have fostered a lot of pregnant dogs and new mama dogs and I have always said I wanted to do a photo shoot for them to gain attention for the foster/rescue dogs of the world,” Caitie said. “So many people are amazed when they realize she is a rescue dog. I think it’s important to get the information out there that you can really truly find every single type of dog in rescue.”

Photo Credit: @caitiesfosterfam (Instagram)

So she contacted her friend, Shauna Kiely — who is also a rescuer and a photographer — to do Lily’s maternity shot, and the pup herself was so thrilled! 

“Lily Mae was born to model,” Caitie said. “She loved it and it only took like 30 minutes total!”

Two days later, Lily delivered eight healthy puppies who are just as adorable as she. 

Photo Credit: @caitiesfosterfam (Instagram)

“They are chunky babies at already almost a pound each,” Caitie said. “They are doing wonderful and are healthy and active. Mom snuggles them and loves them but is also trusting me to care for them all. She allows me to change their bedding but if I take too long she’ll start putting them back on her own.”

Soon enough, the babies will be up for adoption through Chip N Snip — a rescue shelter based in Houston — while Lily will go back home to her dad in Arkansas. 


For now, she’ll do her best to be the best mom for her babies!

Source: The Dodo