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Stubborn Cat Refuses To Give Up Even After Getting Confronted By The Dad of The Cat He Likes [Video]



  • Daisy is a little introvert and doesn’t like bonding with new animals outside.
  • She only loves her dad who is her protector and best friend at the same time.
  • But Silken Thomas, a very stubborn and persistent cat, likes to hang out with Daisy, waits by the window to see her, and refuses to just give up.

Daisy was just a kitten when she was adopted from the shelter, Cats’ Aid, in Ireland. Ever since, Daisy was always a shy cat and never likes hanging out with new people or new animals. She only loves her dad so much who is her protector and her best friend at the same time.

“She always wants to crawl onto my lap or sleep on the bed beside me when she gets a chance to,” Daisy’s dad, Will Murphy, told The Dodo. 

The little feline loves to go outside and play on some occasions, thus attracting the male cats in the neighborhood with her being mysterious. Whenever she’s back inside the house and having her me-time, her fans would stand by the window waiting for her—but Daisy is not interested at all!

“Daisy does not like any of them,” Will said. “The only time I ever see her angry/agitated is when they call around looking for her.” 

A cat Will nicknamed as Silken Thomas is one of the most persistent of them all. He is a gregarious guy who patiently waits for Daisy by the window even when Daisy clearly doesn’t want to see him.

One day, Will decided to have a man-to-man talk with Thomas who was at the window again as usual. He wanted to make it clear that Daisy doesn’t want to see him nor date him. 

But Thomas certainly is persistent and stubborn. He argued and got a little mad at Will for refusing him to make acquaintance with Daisy.

“He did get a little aggressive and gave a few playful nips to my hand but I’ve had cats nearly all my life so I’m used to getting [the] odd scratch/bite from them,” Will said. 

Surely, Thomas will not be swayed with just to talk. He would always come back and wait for Daisy. Good thing is that Thomas is actually cute, that’s why he still gets a lot of attention and cuddles from Will—sadly though, not Daisy.

Source: The Dodo