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Superhero Well-Wishers Send Messages to a Boy Following His Brain Surgery



  • A 12-year-old boy received well wishes from his favorite superheroes.
  • When his uncle sent out a request on Twitter to the superhero community to cheer him up, it was like lighting up the bat signal.
  • The superhero community did not disappoint!

Perhaps nothing is more comforting for 12-year-old Marvel and DC comics fan Anthony than the well wishes sent to him by his favorite superheroes now that he is recovering from his recent brain surgery.

His uncle, sent out a request on Twitter, seeking support from the superhero community in the hopes of trying to cheer up his recovering nephew.

As it turns out, the tweet he sent out was like lighting up the bat signal.

“Just wanted to share a request. Marvel and DC Comics, my 12-year-old nephew is a huge fan. He just had emergency brain surgery on Thurs and I know he’d be ecstatic if a hero out there could send a get well. I just want to do something for him,” he wrote.

The superhero community does not disappoint in taking good care of their fans. The request was circulated all over the Twitter world until finally, it caught the attention of Mark Hamill, Ryan Reynolds, Tom King, and others.

Luke Skywalker in Star Wars and Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, Mark Hamill tweeted his support for the boy, saying, “I want you to know that I’m thinking of you during your recovery & know you will get well soon. Just remember: The Force will be with you…ALWAYS! All the best from your pal, Mark Hamill.”

Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool sent a direct message Anthony.

Batman writer Tom King reminds the boy of the importance of the willingness to persevere the way Batman always does, reminding him that Batman is on his side.

Batman artist Mikel Janin sent a special picture of Batman to Anthony, wishing him well.

DC Comics writer Tom Taylor bid the boy well wishes from Spider-Man.


The outpouring support from the superhero community in Twitter has brought Anthony great delight, cheering him up during his recovery, says his uncle.

The road ahead will be long for Anthony, but the boy might find solace knowing that the strongest superheroes in this universe have got his back.

Source: Tank’s Good News