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Sweet Cat Waits with Little Girl for School Bus Every Day [Video]



  • Craig the cat has formed a special bond with Jessica Leatherman’s daughter, so when the 7-year-old started school, he quickly noticed her new morning routine.
  • He has since decided that it would be his duty to follow her and keep her company while she walks to the bus stop and waits.
  • The sweet cat even waits for the bus to drive away out of sight before returning home.

Craig the cat joined Jessica Leatherman’s family in 2019 when she saw him at an adoption event. He had been at the shelter for eight and a half months, but quickly fit in when he joined the family. And when Jessica’s 7-year-old daughter started first grade this year, he made sure to accompany her whenever she walks to the bus stop and waits.

Sweet Cat Waits with Little Girl for School Bus Every Day

Jessica said that Craig is a “very, very laid back” cat who loves sleeping. And when he wakes, he loves knocking things off the countertops just like most cats, to get attention.

Photo Credit: Jessica Leatherman

Craig is especially fond of Jessica’s daughter, so he easily noticed her new morning routine. It was then that he started going to the door and meowing whenever she was about to leave for the bus.

One day, Jessica decided to let Craig accompany her daughter outside. The bus stops right in front of their house, after all, so she can easily watch them both.

Jessica thought that Craig would just hang outside with her, but he chose to follow the little girl down the sidewalk and all the way to the bus stop. He then “sat there the entire time she was waiting for the bus,” Jessica recalled.

Jessica was surprised. Craig even stayed there after the little girl got on the bus, and watched it drive away out of sight before he returned home.


Besties for life! I noticed today that Craig sits when he sees the bus. Also, look at his tail wag! 😂🤣 #craigthecat #busduty #ThatCloseMessenger ♬ Manke, honobo, everyday, funny, loop – arachang

Jessica thought it was a one-time thing, but her daughter’s morning routine soon became part of Craig’s day as well.


More Craig content. Rain or shine. The bus part got cut off due to phone call 😭. Vest comes tomorrow! #craigthecat #busduty #rescuecat #catsoftiktok ♬ Witch Familiar (Classical) [Classic](143628) – dice

Craig has since become known to the neighborhood kids, who are all excited to see him whenever the bus pulls up.

The sweet cat is also there to wait for Jessica’s daughter when she returns home from school.


There, at home, Craig is still protective of the little girl.

“He’ll follow her around the house if he’s awake and just lie down near her, almost as if he’s protecting her,” Jessica shared.

Photo Credit: Jessica Leatherman

Craig now has fans all over the world after Jessica shared videos of him with her daughter.

Jessica said, “A lot of people were saying in the comments for the videos that he just seems like a grandpa reincarnated that sees his little girl off to school. And that’s just so him — he’s the grandpa that everyone wants.”

You can see more of Craig’s bus duties on TikTok.

Source: The Dodo