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Sweet Dog Wants Unlimited Hugs And His Family Is Always Happy To Give That To Him



  • Ben thought Dash was shy when they first met at a shelter.
  • But it turned out he was just a very sweet and gentle guy who loves long hugs.
  • So when Ben finally decided to make Dash part of the family, Dash would receive unlimited hugs from the Johnsons.

When Ben Johnson worked as a volunteer at a shelter, he met Dash for the first time and thought the brindle pittie would be a little shy to strangers—he didn’t know, all the sweet dog wanted was a long hug from him.

“I met him in the back room of the humane society,” Ben told The Dodo. “I squatted down so I didn’t appear intimidating. He walked over to me, put his head in my chest … I put my arms around him for a hug for about 10 minutes.”

Photo Credit: Ben Johnson

Since then, everytime Dash sees Ben, he would nestle himself on his chest until Ben hugs him.

One time this year, Ben took Dash out for a charity walk by the shelter. Later on, the shelter permitted Ben to take home Dash for one evening so he could relax somewhere other than his kennel. 

Dash was just so glad to be with Ben cuddling with his other pet, a Lab mix, on the couch.

Photo Credit: Ben Johnson

The morning after, Ben couldn’t find Dash during breakfast. So he looked for him and found him finally inside his 5-year-old son’s playroom in a very amusing position he never would’ve expected.

“Our son had a Fisher-Price tool set out and was giving Dash a dental exam with a plastic screwdriver,” Ben recalled. “Dash laid on his back with his mouth open while our son gave him a full exam. It was at that point that we realized he was never leaving our home.”

Since then, Dash became part of the family and continued to be a sweet and gentle pup. Every morning, he would like to start the day with a hug before having his breakfast.

Photo Credit: Ben Johnson

“He has engaged in the pre-breakfast hug routine for a couple of years now,” Ben said. “When putting his bowl down, he will wait to eat, wag his tail, and glance over at you until you hug him.”

“He requires at least one hug, sometimes two, and occasionally will stop mid-meal for an extra hug,” Ben said.  

That is just so sweet and the Johnsons are happy to give as many hugs to him as he wants.

Source: The Dodo