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Sweet Pup’s Favorite Toy is a Miniature Bose Speaker [Video]



  • Ben can’t get enough of his miniature Bose speaker.
  • His beloved “toy” brings him good 80s music in addition to good vibes.
  • The golden retriever carries it everywhere, and curls up next to it as he goes to sleep.

Pets have their own beloved toys that they’re attached to. Ben the golden retriever prefers his “toy” to bring him good music in addition to good vibes, so his beloved toy is a portable Bose speaker that keeps playing 80s music.

Ben carries the speaker everywhere in his mouth, and he even loves curling up to sleep beside it!

Ben’s attachment to the speaker was shared in an adorable TikTok video by benjralhie on Aug. 7. It has since been viewed over 3 million times!

In the video, Ben can be seen getting “very dramatic” as the music from the speaker switches from George Thorogood & The Destroyers’ “Bad to the Bone” to Air Supply’s “All Out of Love.”

Ben can’t control which songs the speaker plays, but he seems to be resonating with the sad song as he lays on a couch outside, looking extremely forlorn.

Sweet Pup's Favorite Toy is a Miniature Bose Speaker
Photo Credit: TikTok/benjralhie

Ben can’t live without his speaker, much like most of us can’t live without our phones these days.

Whenever his “toy” needs to be charged, he gets so excited when his dad starts plugging it in.

It turns out that music can also help dogs just as much as it can help us humans.


According to research, music can help calm down stressed dogs by lowering their heart rates and improving breathing.

Like us, dogs respond to different types of music varyingly. Some prefer classical melodies while some like audiobooks. Ben, meanwhile, loves 80s music. Take a look at him happily vibing to Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.”

Ben is certainly the happiest with his fully charged speaker resting next to him. He only cares about his beloved speaker, so he may not even want his brand new floppy fish toy.

Source: Daily Paws