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Teen Received The News That She Is Class Valedictorian Through Culver’s Drive-Thru Window Where She Works [Video]



  • Senior high school student Kaitlyn Watson works in a fast-food restaurant while the schools are closed due to coronavirus pandemic.
  • But this won’t stop her school’s principal to deliver her the good news that she is the graduating class’ valedictorian.
  • She was so happy to receive the great news regardless if it’s through the drive-thru window.

Amid the coronavirus global crisis, a teenager from Michigan was in his regular shift at a fast-food drive-thru when her secondary principal suddenly showed up and told her the good news that she is the valedictorian of her graduating class.

In a viral video on Facebook, a Grand Traverse Academy teacher, Michelle Floering of Traverse City, Michigan, went to surprise senior high school student Kaitlyn Watson during her shift at work. Since essential businesses like restaurants remain open but only for takeout and delivery services, Michelle used this unique chance to break a very important announcement through the drive-thru window where Kaitlyn works.

Michelle said in the video, “Hey, so I’m at Culver’s where Kaitlyn Watson is working and I’m about to tell her a huge announcement.”

But she was served by another employee so she asked if she could see Kaitlyn through the window to tell her a surprise.

Photo Credit: Grand Traverse Academy

As soon as the crew appeared, she told her: “Hi Kaitlyn. So, I got you on camera because I want to announce something to you today. You are GTA’s 2020 class valedictorian!”

“I am? Oh my gosh!” the senior student was overjoyed! “Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome. And I know we have to stay six feet away so I can’t give you a hug, but congratulations,” the principal replies. “Well deserved.”

It can be heard in the background that Kaitlyn was also congratulated by her coworker.

The school’s Facebook account shared the heartwarming video along with the caption that says: “An extended school break and social distancing did not stop Michelle Floering, Secondary principal, from finding a way to give one of our seniors some exciting news! Congratulations, Kaitlyn!”

Photo Credit: Grand Traverse Academy

Michelle also shared it on her social media saying it’s “Something to celebrate!! ????”

With the closure of schools, teachers throughout the country have been innovative in interacting with their students. A kindergarten teacher from North Carolina even video calls her pupils to read them bedtime stories.

Amy Brantley of Kensington Elementary School knew how important it is for the kids to see and hear her and for her to also know they are doing fine. “I know they’re hearing it from their parents at home, but I think hearing it from the teacher they spend so much time with is important too,” she told PEOPLE.


Source: PEOPLE