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The WAFFLE Crew Unique Dance Style Earned Them The Most Coveted Golden Buzzer In The Biggest Stage In The World! [Video]



  • The WAFFLE Crew has been living through dancing and their brotherhood has thrived using their amazing talents.
  • This year, they decided to try their luck in the bigger stage of America’s Got Talent.
  • With their, they did not only capture the hearts of the crowd but also the well deserved golden buzzer!

Dancing is more than just a hobby for the members of the WAFFLE Crew based in the Bronx, it has become a way of life. 

The We Are Family For Life Entertainment dance crew is composed of seven members who consider each other brothers. They have come together to pursue their passions and make a living by it.

“We’re all from different neighborhoods in New York City, and where we grew up at was really rough,” Tyree Sowell, one of the members, explained. “People don’t even make it past 25.”

Fortunately, they found a safe and comforting place inside the dance centers in their neighborhood. It is where they practice their talents and get better. Soon enough, they were performing inside the train and in the subway stations, where they earn extra income to support their families. 

Photo Credit: @wafflenyc (Instagram)

“We went from making a few dollars to actually us helping our moms pay the bills,” Tyree added. “The train was a blessing, and it literally saved our lives. Because we don’t have to be back where we live.”

This year, the crew tried their luck in the bigger stage of “America’s Got Talent,” and apparently, they are ready enough to show the rest of the world their amazing talents. 

Photo Credit: @wafflenyc (Instagram)

“We want to give young people something positive to look to,” Tyree said. “It’s about our city, our culture, our family that’s watching back home right now.”

But more than that, they dedicate their performance to one of their members who passed away a few years ago in a drive-by shooting — and their performance was so full of life it was a perfect tribute for their late brother.

Photo Credit: America’s Got Talent (Youtube)

Their routine to the “Like Sugar” by Chaka Khan in the unique style of dance called “Litefeet” easily became the crowd’s favorite. 

It was unbelievably so good! Clearly, their years of practicing and improving their talent has shown in the performance! Of course, after their performance, the cheering crowd gave them a standing ovation.

Photo Credit: America’s Got Talent (Youtube)

The judges loved their dance especially Simon Cowell who even said it was by far his favorite audition. 

“I think something about your energy, from the second you came on, and your determination, was everything,” he said. “And I also understand how important this is to you.”

He then hit the golden buzzer to “give them a little head start” and everything went wild! These boys are our new favorite this time!


Source: Inspire More